CODE WAR was born from a shared necessity. We are an art collective that offers performances with deep rethoric and a critical approach regarding our life in new media era. We sustain talents in growth that want to devote part of their life in expressing our culture through art.

Our is a difficult territory. The lack of cultural incitement and the consequent deficiency of cultural initiatives dedicated to young people reflect the main problem in which we run into. We want to fight this lack using means like art and sociality. We undertake to fill up little by little the void that has been created in our life and restart: restarting from us, from our culture, from our way to live and investigate our life. Restart from art for healing the social unsuitability, for giving value to a city that just needs to be lived.

We want to invest our time in getting the citizens closer to their city, through art and public meeting in those spaces that have always been seen but have never been observed, for filling up the gap between us and the urban reality: reinterpreting forgotten situations and portions of the territory that are in precarious and difficult conditions for creating aggregation and value, a pure, social and concrete value.

Organizing events linked to the blend of arts is our pretext for creating moments of interaction and sociality. CODE WAR wants to create the suitable atmosphere for enjoying art in its different forms. The citizen joins a dimension of in which spaces, lights, installations and sounds encourage the interaction between participants: participation and discussion of ideas shall play a fundamental role, representing the core of the development of our cultural reality.











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