who we are

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Who, like CODE WAR creators, came to the world during the 90s, is part of the first generation that was born and grew up in an interconnected society, breastmilk-fed by the compulsory use social media, blogs, online information, video games and computer multimedia. Counter to the ‘Old Media’ age, in which TV, radio, movies, and newspapers were the main channel for information disclosure, the last two decades of technological growth opened the doors to a massive use of global communication, allowing individuals to have an independent spot in the field of virtual sharing.

We’ve been continuously exposed to media’s and commercials’ power, bombed by electronic sounds and digital information. Our artificial-virtual life experience makes us watching at the past in a nostalgic way, and we consider Old Media as cybernetic-violent parents that forged our minds and creativity. They created a strong contradiction and a fight between the fears they foment in our minds and the desperate need we have of them.  The clash between these two intellectual factions creates a controversial and fascinating scenario to explore, rich in subtle yet beautiful grace notes. CODE WAR is at its epicenter, reflecting the invisible into something audible, tangible and visual.


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